Barcelona PsychoBLOG:

Contains a few thoughts of mine on matters mostly relating to migrating, living in a foreign culture and language, identity, mental health and, more specifically, all of that HERE in BCN, CAT & ESP.

Includes: "Why Group Therapy" – helping you think about how group therapy works and why I think it's a good choice; "The Barcelona Syndrome" - on being unhappy in beautiful places; "Lost in Languages" - on the struggle to live in a new language; ...and other essays.

Editor of Group-Analytic Contexts: 

Between spring 2014 and autumn 2021, I was editor of Contexts, the newsletter of the Group-Analytic Society International. During that period I published around 30 issues of the publication. Here is my final editorial written for the autumn 2021 issue.

Two issues of Contexts that I am particularly proud of having been involved in publishing:

The spring 2017 special issue on Reflective Practice in Organisations;

The summer 2021 special issues - both fully bilingual focusing on Group Analysis in the Spanish speaking world: 1. History and Training; 2. Group Psychotherapy and other Applications.

Writing on Psychotherapy:

1990: "Story Telling, Symbol, Metaphor and the Group-as-a-Whole" - unpublished theoretical paper.

1990: "Adolescence and Group Psychotherapy" - unpublished theoretical paper.

1991: "The Role of the Conductor in Group Psychotherapy" - unpublished theoretical paper.

1991: "The Experience of being a Trainee in the Evolution of Early Group Experiences, the Anti-Group and
the Group Mother"
- training group clinical paper.

1997: "Group Psychotherapists and Schools" - published Group-Analytic Contexts.

1998: "The Suboptimal Group" - published Group Analysis.

"My Way" - column written for the British Association of Group Psychotherapists’ Newsletter in the late 1990s.

2004: "Exploring Our Roots" - keynote talk given at Goldsmiths Association of Group Psychotherapists’ annual meeting.

2014: "Adrift on the Med: My Struggle to Join the Group" - presented at the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes’ III Regional Mediterranean Congress, Barcelona 2008. Published Group Analytic Contexts.

2014: "Conversation between Contexts editor Peter Zelaskowski and Dr. Vivienne Cohen on being honoured on 27th August 2014 by East London NHS Trust, which named the official premises of the City and Hackney Specialist Psychotherapy Service ‘Vivienne Cohen House" - published Group Analytic Contexts, December.

2015: "Conversation between Christian Hjort, Director IGA Norway and Peter Zelaskowski, Editor Group Analytic Contexts" - published Group Analytic Contexts, March.

2019: "Digital online communication and how it impacts on our face to face relationships" - on organising and participating in a small online group discussing online groups. Group-Analytic Contexts.

Writing arising out of my work in 2 masters level professional training programmes in: Art Therapy at Metafora; Dance Movement Therapy at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona:

2014: "Trencadís, Social Imaging Group" - (co-author: Carles Ramos). An approach to conducting large art therapy groups, combining group analysis and art therapy. Published Group Analytic Contexts.

2014: "The challenge of working with the embodied mind in the context of a university-based Dance Movement Therapy training" - (co-authors: Heidrun Panhofer and Maria Elena García). Published in The Arts in Psychotherapy, No. 4.

2016: "Dance movement therapy training: Challenges of interculturality and cross-cultural communication within a diverse student group" - Panhofer, H., Zelaskowski, P. & Bräuninger, I. Published in: Intercultural Arts Therapies Research: Issues and methodologies by Ditty Dokter, Margaret Hills De Zárate, 2016.

2020: "The Large Group as Sewer and Other Emergent Metaphors" about the possible functions of a group analytic large group within two training organizations. Group-Analytic Contexts.




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